Oct 9, 2009

Huskers shock Mizzu in the rain Thursday night

From the Columbia, Missouri Tribune:

Riding a three-game losing streak in Columbia, the Cornhuskers (4-1, 1-0 Big 12) vaporized a 12-0 deficit through three quarters, a lead that once seemed insurmountable considering the game’s drenched conditions and the Huskers’ nonexistent offense.

The Tigers were coasting to their third straight victory over Nebraska, something they hadn’t done since 1969.

Then came the Tigers’ fourth-quarter meltdown in front of an announced crowd of 65,826 Mizzu fans wearing rain-soaked panchos.

The game began with a power outage that turned out the lights on parts of MU’s campus and turned Memorial Stadium’s sparkling new videoboard into a $3.8 million blank screen.

Coaches and players had to keep track of their own time on the field with no play clock visible during the power outage.

Trailing 12-0 in the fourth quarter the Huskers caught fire and scored the next 27 points for a 27-12 victory.