Oct 7, 2009

Democrats push Reid to let public read ObamaCare bill

A report at the link below states:

A group of eight Democrats asked Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (pictured) for the health care reform bill to be posted online for 72 hours before a vote on the measure and once again before a vote on the conference report that will meld the House and Senate versions.

Mr. Obama wanted this bill pushed through Congress before the August recess.

If the bill can somehow be put off until 2010, think how many representatives in the House will be afraid to vote for it for fear they would not be re-elected.

That's why many Democrats in the House are having second thoughts about voting for ObamaCare now. Some senators are in the same predicament.

If they vote for a discombobulated bill that their constituents don’t want, they may very will lose their next bid for re-election.

As one commenter said, Congressioonal Democrats are busy reserving seats on the life boats ... so many Democrats ... so few lifeboats.

All other states will have to increase taxes if ObamaCare passes, but Nevada is exempt. Is that why Harry Reid doesn’t what the bill posted?

His re-election as Senator from Nevada is already in doubt and this special exemption for Nevada would bring unwanted national attention to Reid and the state of Nevada.

In spite of everything, don’t be surprised if ObamaCare is crammed down American’s throats one way or another.

More of the story here.