Oct 21, 2009

Colorado law could block Heenes from profiting from hoax

A report at the link below says:

If the parents of the boy who did not float away on a balloon hope to profit from their newfound fame, a Colorado law could prevent it.

Richard and Mayumi Heene are accused of faking their 6-year-old son's disappearance Thursday, triggering a massive rescue effort.

Money they make must be set aside for possible restitution.

The photo above shows six-year-old Falcon Heene siting cross-legged on the roof of his family's van outside his home in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The Heenes, who have appeared on ABC TV's "Wife Swap," wanted publicity so they could land a reality TV show, Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden said.

A court can order offenders to pay restitution to victims or the government, said Pete Maguire, a former prosecutor in neighboring Boulder County who is now in private practice. The courts can put liens on houses and garnish wages to collect unpaid restitution, he said.

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