Oct 25, 2009

Co-pilot of wayward plane speaks out

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board have interviewed the pilots of a Northwest Airlines flight that overshot the airport in Minneapolis, Minnesota, last week.

The NTSB also said that flight attendants might be interviewed on Monday, and that it would not release further information for now.

The cockpit of an Airbus 320 airliner is shown above.

"It was not a serious event, from a safety issue," pilot Richard Cole (pictured) said late Friday in front of his Salem, Ore., home. "I would tell you more, but I've already told you way too much."

First officer Richard Cole has said he and the captain were not sleeping or arguing in the cockpit, but hasn't explained their lapse in response and the detour.

"We were not asleep; we were not having an argument; we were not having a fight," Cole said.

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