Oct 25, 2009

3-D movies may come to home TV’s next year

A CNN article at the link below reports:

Three-dimensional images are expected jump out of movie theaters and into living rooms by next year.

Sony and Panasonic say they will release home 3-D television systems in 2010; Mitsubishi and JVC are reported to be working on similar products.

The report compares 3-D transition to the switch from black-and-white to color television and the shift from standard- to high-definition images.

ESPN is test-recording some sporting events in 3-D, using cameras with two sets of lenses, which would make football players appear to jump out of home television screens during live 3-D broadcasts.

And, although television makers haven't released specifics, the price of 3-D TV -- which requires a new television, broadcasting content and 3-D glasses -- is not expected to be substantially higher than some high-definition televisions on the market now.

We wonder if there will be a 3-D TV format war much like the recent Blue-Ray vs. HD DVD war or the 1980’s Beta Max vs. VHS war.

More of the 3-D television story here.