Sep 4, 2009

Prisoners in UK have a better diet than National Health Service patients

The nationalized healthcare that Barack Obama wants to force on us will be very similar to the British NHS (National Health Service) with one healthcare provider - the government.

The Daily Mail online reports:

Patients in Health Service hospitals are far more likely to go hungry than criminals in jail, scientists warned yesterday.

They say frail and elderly patients do not get the help they need with meals, and nobody checks whether they get enough to eat.

Despite years of Government promises to tackle poor hospital nutrition, food still arrives cold, and patients often miss out because meal times clash with tests and operations.

The report says prisoners receive carbohydrate-rich, low-fat foods which in many cases are better than they would have been eating before they entered prison.

Hospital meals are often taken away untouched, because they are either unappetizing or are placed out of patients' reach.

The latest figures show 242 patients died of malnutrition in NHS hospitals in 2007 - the highest toll in a decade. More than 8,000 left hospital under-nourished - double the figure when Labor came to power.

The NHS throws away 11million meals every year, and many nurses say they are too busy to help the frail eat.

Many say ObamaCare will be no better than the British National Health Service where waiting for medical tests and procedures is commonplace. The very young, the elderly and the obese have limited medical procedures available to them.

Will prisoners in the United States eat better under ObamaCare than hospital patients - especially seniors?