Sep 3, 2009

One Obama voter in eight is now turning on him

Scott Rasmussen, whose poll measures likely voters and is an especially good indicator of public attitudes, now has Obama’s job approval dropping to 46%. Zogby, the other good poll, has him at 45%. These surveys suggest that healthcare reform and the continuing bad economy are driving Obama down at a record clip.

On Election Day, 2008 — less than a year ago — Obama got 52% of the vote. Now, he is six to seven points below that level in his job approval — one Obama voter in eight is now disillusioned and turning on him.

How long will Obama cling to the wreckage of his healthcare proposals? Does he plan on going down with the ship all the way to the mid-30s in job approval as Bush did with Iraq? Will he take his party down with him? Will the party let itself be taken down?

These are the relevant questions as Obama returns from his vacation. The massive paid media effort for healthcare changes have not worked.

The constant pro-ObamaCare in media news reports also have not worked.

Also disappointing to the administration is the complete lack of a “dead Kennedy” bounce in the polls. That shouldn’t be surprising, however, because the only Kennedy’s that mattered to most American’s have not been with us since the 1960’s.

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