Sep 4, 2009

IRS would become ObamaCare enforcer

There will be new and powerful federal agencies that would be created by the passage of ObamaCare.

The Health Choices Administration, the Health Benefits Advisory Committee, the Health Insurance Exchange — there are dozens in all.

If the plan envisioned by Obama and Congressional Democrats is enacted, the primary federal bureau responsible for implementing and enforcing national health care will be an old and familiar one: the Internal Revenue Service.

Under the Democrats' health care proposals, the already powerful — and already feared — IRS would wield even more power and extend its reach even farther into the lives of ordinary Americans, and the presidentially-appointed head of the new health care bureaucracy would have access to confidential IRS information about millions of individual taxpayers.

In short, health care reform, as currently envisioned by Democratic leaders, would be built on the foundation of an expanded and more intrusive IRS.

The IRS would assume several new rolls under ObamaCare:

1. The IRS would become the main agency for determining who has an acceptable health insurance plan.

2. The IRS would be charged with finding and punishing those who don't have an acceptable plan.

3. The IRS would subsidize individual health insurance costs through the issuance of tax credits.

4. The IRS would enforce the rules on those who attempt to opt out, or “abuse” the rules.

The article at the link below says a substantial portion of H.R. 3200, the House health care bill, is devoted to amending the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 in order to give the IRS the authority to perform these new duties.

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