Aug 31, 2009

Times Online: Pan Am flight 103 bomber set free for oil

This will outrage family and friends of those aboard Pan Am flight 103 who were mostly Americans.

It should also outrage citizens of Great Britain.

It appears the story of the poor health of al-Megrahi was a ruse. The release was in the works for some time, and the British government found a Libyan doctor to attest to al-Megrahi's illness.

According to the report at the link below this prisoner for oil exchange had been in the works for some time. The letters were written 2 years ago.

The wreckage of Pan-Am flight 103

They obviously held back on this since 2007 until after Bush was out of office. They wouldn't have dared to do this if Bush were still President, because they knew he would have denounced them for the entire world to see.

If they guessed that Barack Obama would look the other way during this terrorist for oil exchange, they were right. The White House has been silent on this whole affair.


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Justice Secretary Jack Straw has admitted the British government caved in to Libyan demands that the Lockerbie bomber be included in a prisoner transfer deal with Britain.

The Justice Secretary said he originally wanted Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi omitted from the agreement, but relented and agreed the bomber should be eligible.

Shortly after the reversal of Britain's stance, a multi-billion pound oil exploration deal between Libya and BP was rubberstamped.

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