Aug 18, 2009

That cell phone search turned out to be: “none of the above”

When we posted “Dreamin’ about a smartphone” (at the link below) the search was narrowed down to the Blackberry Curve (on left), Blackberry Bold (center) and the Blackberry Storm (on right) ... or ... maybe none of the above ...

It turned out to be none of the above. The final selection was not a smart phone. Instead, a feature phone was selected - the LG enV Touch shown below.

The enV touch was to be the next version of the popular LG Voyager until a lawsuit forced LG to stop using the Voyager name.

Plantronics makes Voyager bluetooth headsets and already owned the trademark before LG began using the name on wireless phones.

The Touch has an iPhone style accelorameter that works great as it rapidly and smoothly changes the display from portrait mode to landscape mode as the phone is rotated.

The phone allows website surfing, posting to blogs, Facebook, sending and receiving e-mail, etc.

The keys on the QWERTY keyboard are large enough for fast texting or document writing.