Aug 11, 2009

Schumer: time to ram ObamaCare through

The Senate Democrats may be getting a bit desperate to get ObamaCare passed.

Chuck Schumer (pictured) a Democrat Senator from New York says time is running out for Senate negotiators on health care.

If a bipartisan deal cannot be reached in 37 days, Democrats will have to go it alone.

“If they can’t do it by Sept. 15th, I think the overwhelming view on the Democratic side is going to be, then, they’re never going to get it done” Schumer tells John Harwood of the New York Times.

“And there’s always a worry that, you know, delay, delay, delay, you lose any momentum whatsoever.”

Most Republicans and moderate Democrats are hoping Schumer is right when he fears ”they’re never going to get it done.”

If Democrats decide to circumvent the Senate’s usual 60-vote requirement by using budget reconciliation procedures, some aspects of the legislation may not qualify for action.

Reconciliation would also require stricter pay-as-you go rules which could mean even deeper cuts to Medicare payments.

If they try to shove this thru using the reconciliation process (requiring less than 60 votes), it will cost even deeper cuts to Medicare benefits.

The heavy reliance on Medicare savings was born out of a desire to minimize the amount of new taxes needed to pay for health care-reform.

Even without the additional cuts that would be required using the less than 60 vote reconciliation process, seniors will be shocked at the limited medical care that will be available to them. It will literally be take a pain pill and go home to die.