Aug 20, 2009

New ads warning of ObamaCare are highly effective

An independent polling company is out with a new survey with stunning news: Family Research Council’s ad warning of President Obama’s government takeover of health care is being highly effective.

The Family Research Council’s ads criticize the administraion’s plan for two fatal flaws: it will force Americans to pay for abortion-on-demand and it will lead to rationed health care for all Americans.

The article at the link below reports that sixty-four percent of Democrats found the ad effective. Eighty-one percent of Republicans and 71 percent of Independents agreed.

These are extraordinary numbers.

The Washington Post reports that the Obama administration has been caught “by surprise” by the path of the debate on health care.

They hadn’t anticipated that the Left of their party would be so adamant about holding onto a “public option” as part of the President’s plan.

The poll shows that President Obama’s irrational idea that you can “reduce” the tragic toll of abortion by making abortion free is catching up with him.

Abortions are and will always be a part of ObamaCare cleverly disguised as “reproductive healthcare” and “family planning.”

Despite 36 years of liberals claiming that abortion is good for health, that it is nothing more than another medical procedure, Americans do not believe this. Even pro-choice Americans do not believe this.