Aug 9, 2009

Ice chokes Northwest Passage in midsummer

The global warming alarmists are warning of 'extreme' melting even as the Northwest Passage is choking with ice in midsummer.

Unfortunately for the warmists, reality never seems to cooperate.

Despite predictions from a top U.S. polar institute that the Arctic Ocean's overall ice cover is headed for another "extreme" meltdown by mid-September, the Environment Canada agency monitoring our northern waters says an unusual combination of factors is making navigation more difficult in the Northwest Passage this year after two straight summers of virtually clear sailing.

In both the wider, deep-water northern corridor and the narrower, shallower southern branches of the passage, the Canadian Ice Service says pockets of more extensive winter freezing and concentrations of thicker, older ice at several key "choke points" are complicating ship travel.

Will Al Gore comment on this icy Northwest Passage story? Of course not.

This is just one more prediction of doom by warmists that failed to materialize.