Aug 12, 2009

Democrats call protestors un-American partisan mobs

Ordinary Americans petitioning their representatives being are being called "un American" and “partisan mobs” by Democrat politicians in Washington including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Actually, it is un-American to squelch opposing views.

The Obama election machine was once called Obama for America. It is now called Organizing for America and has been asked to show up at town halls and congressional offices as a counter to the protestors against the president's health care reform push.

SEIU union members have also been asked to join Organizing for America to silence the ObamaCare protestors.

When they attack their opponents instead of their opponents' arguments, it proves their arguments are not selling.

Never in the history of our country have we had a sitting president tell members of his party to “hit back twice as hard” against citizens who protest against his agenda.

Rank and file Americans who are opposed to ObamaCare are called “extremists trying to hijack the debate.”

The administration seems to have been caught flat-footed. The right has never really protested before. It has always been the left who demonstrated.

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If we need ObamaCare so badly why is Congress opting out?
Why are Unions opting out?
Why are public school teachers opting out?
Why are government workers opting out?