Aug 6, 2009

Democrat attacks on what WH perceives as attacks on ObamaCare

When Washington Democrats begin to see opposition to any of their programs, it is usually perceived as “mob attacks” that must be stopped.

The White House launched a coordinated effort Tuesday to combat what it calls a “viral whisper campaign” to torpedo health care reform.

Its playbook: the same one Barack Obama’s campaign used in 2008 to shoot down rumors and questions about his citizenship, faith and patriotism.

It worked then by neutralizing charges regarding Mr. Obama’s citizenship as well as the fact that Obama is a Muslim and refused to say the pledge of allegiance.

Now, it appears that the Obama administration wants Americans to report any of their relatives, friends and neighbors who are opposed to ObamaCare.

Additionally, the administration is making it sound like any opposition to ObamaCare from citizens attending town hall meetings held by administration officials is caused by thugs as reported by Politico at the link below:

Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse both saying a series of confrontational town hall meetings were manufactured by Republicans, conservative groups and lobbyists who are paid to drum up opposition.

Woodhouse described them as “angry mobs of rabid right-wing extremists” that populated McCain-Palin rallies last year.

Tuesday was just the start of the offensive, White House aides said.

For the record -- the people attending the McCain-Palin rallies last year were cheering crowds of ordinary people who liked what the conservative candidates were saying.

They were just the opposite of “angry mobs of rabid right-wing extremists!”

This is not your father’s Democratic Party!


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They are out of control! Report them! Arrest them!