Aug 28, 2009

Burial crypt above Marilyn Monroe sold on Ebay

Elsie Poncher of Beverly Hills owns the crypt above Marilyn Monroe where her husband Richard Poncher was laid to rest. Mr. Poncher, who died 23 years ago at age 81, bought the crypt from Joe DiMaggio in 1954.

Mrs. Poncher put the crypt up for sale on Ebay. It sold for $4,602,400.00 to a bidder in Japan who wanted the chance to spend eternity on top of the legendary screen star Marilyn Monroe.

Elsie Poncher plans to use the proceeds of the sale of her husband's crypt to pay off the mortgage on her Beverly Hills home.

Only one problem - the winning bidder backed out because he says he doesn’t have the money.

The widow's rep has since emailed the 11 other bidders who bid at least $4.5 million, giving them 24 hours to submit new offers.

He told the Times that if the right offer isn't made, he and Poncher may try to find another way to sell the crypt.

EBay had been vetting the bidders and cancelled several offers that appeared fraudulent - leaving 21 final bids.