Jun 8, 2009

Job seekers getting the wrinkles out

A clinic in Virginia gave free Botox wrinkle injections to unemployed women looking for work.

Ladies with “wrinkles and a résumé" stood in line Friday at the Reveal clinic near the Pentagon to accept the unusual offer of free Botox injections.

The ladies hope improving their appearance will help, at least psychologically, in future job interviews.

The cost of a single treatment can vary from $300 to $500, according to Reveal. Results typically last four to six months.

One of the job seekers said, “You're more likely to be perceived in a better light if you look good.”

This is especially important in a climate of age discrimination.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says it received 24,582 complaints of age discrimination in the 12-month period ending in September. That's a 29 percent increase from the previous year.