Jun 11, 2009

Anything goes in Miami Beach - except Mr. Clucky

Mr. Clucky is a rooster that delights tourists and locals alike by riding on his master's handlebars in Miami Beach, Florida.

However, the talented but noisy rooster is being evicted by Miami Beach.

In the live-and-let-live annals of Miami Beach, the city has embraced a disparate cast of characters: the cross-dressing former cabbie who jives to '60s hits for change; the woman who walks her iguanas in a pram built for two; and the middle-aged man who makes custom paintings with his toes, to name a few.

But you have to draw the line somewhere, and so the city has decreed that Mr. Clucky -- the bike-riding rooster known for weaving his way through the laid-back crowds at Lincoln Road Mall -- must go.