Apr 2, 2009

Democrat leader wonders where Obama got legal authority for Auto plan

Democrat House majority leader Steny Hoyer (pictured) said on Tuesday that he does not know where President Barack Obama gained legal authority to oversee a restructuring of General Motors and Chrysler.

A lot of people have been wondering the same thing.

However, when Congress tried to enact an auto industry bailout plan in December, the legislation was approved by the House but failed in the Senate where, under the rules, it needed 60 votes.

How can Congress just pass a bill that claims they have dictatorial rights over the management of any company in the US just because they want to run it?

Seize private companies and fire CEO’s. Dictate salaries and assess retroactive punitive taxes on company management. Well, I guess they backed off on the retroactive punitive taxes - for now.

When will the blatant power grab end?

Much more of this story here including Steny Hoyer’s offhand comment, But if authority is a question, then Congress will grant it to the administration.