Mar 11, 2009

President claims he is not taking on too much too soon

Obama responds to critics who say he is taking on too much too soon.

Barack Obama has rejected the charge that he is taking on too much too soon, by comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D Roosevelt and John F Kennedy.

The new president's response ran the risk of reviving the criticism sometimes heard during his campaign and inauguration that he was prematurely ranking himself among the great American politicians.

Even supporters are questioning whether or not the president would be better advised to concentrate all or most of his fire on reviving the economy, and in particular, finalizing the details of saving the banking sector.

Former Obama supporters are now taking another look at their “boy wonder.”

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett, an early of supporter of Mr. Obama, has criticized the government for a "muddled message".

Another Obama supporter David Brooks, a columnist for the New York Times (incorrectly referred to as “conservative” by the Daily Telegraph) said "Democrats apparently think that dealing with the crisis is a part-time job".